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Flowers Above

Flowers are just one of the many miracles of this earth. When flowers are at my feet, growing from the ground, I am pleased. When they are at my eye level, growing from the shrubs and bushes, I am delighted. But when they are growing over my head, in the trees, I am elated! These are two of my favorites, that I am lucky enough to see in my daily existence:

When the last of the icy white snow melts away, this (non fruiting) pear tree explodes with small white flower clusters. It is an annual event which I anxiously await, usually taking place in mid March. It is a brief affair, for with each passing day, more and more blossoms fall, as tiny leaves fill their place. By May, the ground is covered in white once more, and the tree is lush and green. The windy storms of the spring blow the petals into the oblivion, and if you haven't taken a photograph, you might forget that they ever graced your day. I took the photograph.

When this affair has ended, I am free to turn my attentions to the lovely Crepe Myrtles that line the streets and dot the gardens of my city. They are everywhere, and I couldn't be more excited about them. They bloom in so many colors ranging from deep reds, to many shades of pink, to orange, peach, purple, and even white. (The purple are my favorite). These beauties begin to flower in the spring, and they last all through the summer. It is now late July, and most of the petals have scattered across my driveway, but there are blossoms remaining, and buds on the branches that have yet to open. I will be enjoying their beauty long after the cicadas of summer have stopped buzzing.

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