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Fun With Flowers

I recently published a post that honors one of my very favorite things about life on earth: flowering trees. Today, I thought I'd pay homage to some of the other florals that I've encountered through the years. The ones that have caused me to stop in my tracks, and lift my camera in wonder and awe. Okay, so this happens a lot, for I am always in awe of earth's wonders.

I like to photograph flowers, where ever they may be, especially closeups. In a closeup, I feel like I'm getting to really know the flower, having a relationship with it. And of course, a closeup can remove any human influences that may surround it, and allow the blooms to stand alone in the spotlight, where they belong.

These yellow Petunias were thriving in a small pot on my mother's pool deck in Baltimore. Although you can still see the brick wall that separates the deck from the grilling porch, the focus is the flower (but the brick is a nice touch). These little guys were so bright and sunny, on what was a very bright and sunny day, that I just wanted to stop and worship the summer sky right along with them. Don't they just seem to be smiling for the camera?

These little pink beauties were also growing on Mama's pool deck, in a hanging basket by the shed. She just has a way with flowers, doesn't she? By taking this closeup shot, the blooms appear much larger than they actually were, and I couldn't think of a better way to remember them, than by making them the focus of the day. Their bright color was just begging for attention, and isn't that the purpose of a flower?

I encountered this entire field of Black Eyed Susans in 2006, while on vacation in New Haven Connecticut. Okay, you got me, it wasn't actually a field. It was only a small centerpiece garden on the motel property where we were staying. But these flowers were on a rampage, looking like they were going to explode out of their designated area. They didn't just beg for my attention, they demanded it! Well, they certainly got it. Geez, when will flowers learn that they don't have to twist my arm to get me to photograph them. Just be yourselves, guys, and I'm there. Now say "Cheeeese!"

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