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Little Bunny

July 2010
A few weeks ago, a little bunny started showing up in the backyard. By the time I woke (at 6:30 am), and could draw back the living room curtains, he would already be settled into the clover, having his breakfast.

I tried several times to grab a snapshot, but he was easily startled, as he should be, and would scamper into the treeline. My eyes were able to follow him through the brush, all the way to the banks of the creek, before I lost him.

Within a few days, he began showing up for dinner, too. I suppose he got used to seeing us on the porch, admiring him, because one evening he stayed still long enough for me to take this lovely photo. 

Likely an Eastern Cottontail

One day, he didn't show up. Not in the morning, nor in the evening. Coincidentally, the next night, I heard an owl in the woods. I've heard a lot of sound coming from those woods in the last several months, but it was the first time I had heard an owl.

Through some internet research, listening to owl sounds from wildlife websites, I was able to identify it as a Barred Owl, a species common to our area. A few days later, one of my daughters claimed to have seen an owl, early in the morning, sitting in a tree in the front of the house. It was gone before I could get out to sneak a peek.

The bunny has still not returned. I don't want to think that he had become the meal of choice, but it is possible. I'd rather believe that he took up residence elsewhere, since this new predator moved into the neighborhood.

I only heard the owl that one and only time, but lately I have caught sight of a large predatory bird in the sky above the woods, and even sometimes swooping through the trees. I have yet to get a decent enough view to be able to identify it. It surely isn't my owl, since these recent sighting have been in afternoon hours.

If bunny boy returns, I'll let you know.

Bunny never returned.


  1. Owls hunt at night. Bunnies are out by day. Don't know if their schedules would have overlapped but just the sight of the large bird may have scared the rabbit off. No bunnies here this year though see them on the lane to our driveway. All sorts of other rioters though.

    1. What other "rioters" are hanging out on your lane?

  2. He may have found a four leaf clover and took off on a worldly adventure!

  3. That's a nice thought. A lot better than the other thought I had!

  4. I miss bunnies, we don't have any around here, too many predators. I hope your bunny comes back and if not, that the owl's family is at least well fed.

    1. Aaaah, the circle of life. Feeding the predators is truly one purpose for fuzzy little bunnies. Also, to make us smile (at least until they fulfill their purpose!).


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