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The Forest is "Falling"

My Back Yard
Autumn has arrived in my neck of the woods. She seems to have been announcing herself since late August, but she didn't actually make her grand entrance, in my back yard, until just this week. I've been watching leaves change color all around the neighborhood for weeks. Admiring the shades of yellows, and purples, and I keep forgetting to take my camera with me every time I venture out! With luck, this weekend I can get a shot of the beautiful red trees that are lined up like soldiers, guarding the shopping center down the road.

The Red Tree in the Yellow Sea
My woods have been dropping their coat of leaves for a long time now, except for the one tree that stands beside my house, and stretches her limbs out over my back porch. It is my nemesis, for in the Spring, she is one of the last to birth her green leaves. This gave me hope that I would have enough sun exposure to grab a tan, or grow some vegetables, and just when I got things prepared to do either, she exploded in her full glory, and blocked all of my precious sunlight. By mid summer I was grateful to her for shading my home, and keeping my energy costs down in the 100 degree heat. Now, this tree is the last to lose her leaves, but she has begun. I'm angry with her about that, because she throws them on my porch, like a disrespectful neighbor who tosses garbage over the fence line. She hasn't even got the courtesy to color them first. They're either green, or they're brown. It remind me of the only two colors of a Florida Winter: green and dead.

My Beautiful Nemesis
Well, she must have heard me complain, and she certainly wasn't going to be outdone. So, overnight, she donned her golden gown of the harvest season, and surprised me in the morning. She has gone from a summer green to a mix of yellow and light brown that blends into a lovely golden orange. So, for now, I am in the love stage of my love/hate relationship with my nemesis tree. I spent several hours with the camera, capturing her good side. It was much like a session with a runway model, "OK, give me a little attitude. That's right, now sway, sway in the breeze. Good. Good."

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