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White (Day After) Christmas

I still don't understand what it is about a snowfall that brings me such an inner calm.  A peaceful calm on the inside that completely contradicts the childlike excitement that I outwardly display.  It makes no sense to me, because I am not a winter loving person.  Bring on the  hot summer sun,  bring me to a sandy beach that leads into the glistening ocean waves ... and you'll bring me to a level of happiness that will recharge my mental battery for weeks to come.  If you drop the temperature, drop an ice storm that will disrupt the electricity, and make the roads frighteningly difficult to navigate ... you'll drop me into a pit of depression that will take weeks for me to climb out.  The only way for old man winter to redeem himself with me, is to cover the ground and all of it's belongings, in a blanket of white.

When the hustle and bustle (otherwise known as stress and anxiety) of Christmas had reached it pinnacle, and the post holiday letdown was about to set in, the sky opened itself to allow those tiny crystallized droplets to fall.  The following morning, I awoke to find a new world.  All of the imperfections of my community were lost... the brown patches of dead grass, the neighbor's broken down jalopy, the frozen piles of doggie poo that my children had avoided scooping, were all buried beneath eight inches of clean snow.  It lay peacefully on the dead tree branches, and the rusty mailboxes.  The oil stains in the driveway, and the piles of decaying autumn leaves had vanished.  All of nature was untouched, and undisturbed.  There had not yet been a footprint laid by man, or gray stains left by the exhaust of fossil burning machinery.  It seemed that the whole world had been renewed, and all things had been made equal.   

A-ha... maybe this is the reason why snow has such a profound effect.  Or maybe it's the life lesson that come with it.  You see, it all melts away.  There will be crushing footprints, and inconspicuous "yellow" patches at the base of a tree trunk.  There will eventually be ugly black slush on the roadside.  Perfection and purity comes to us in fleeting moments.  We must teach ourselves to appreciate them before they're gone, and to let them be enough to satisfy us, and make us grateful for life on earth.  I find myself now wanting to quote an unexpected sage... "Beauty's where you find it".  So keep "vogue-ing" world, because I'm looking.       


  1. I love it when snow lines the bare branches! Beautiful!

  2. Beautiful snowy scenes! Great captures!

  3. It is the virginal whiteness that works its wonders on the soul, snow, like cut flowers, reminds us that we too are but transients on this earth and soon will pass to make way for those that follow.
    Beautiful snow scenes.


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