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Good Evening

There are days that are just too stressful.  Your car acted up, your teen cursed you out, the bills came in, your account balance is down... and you just want it to be over!  You try to find some way to smoothe out the rough edges... but nothing can soften the entire fabric like a glimpse of the evening sky. 

And then are days that go so smoothly.  Gas prices went down, the stocks went up, your raise came through, your friends came over... and you wish the day would never end!  Then you catch a glimpse of the evening sky, and find yourself looking forward to tomorrow. 

No matter which kind of day you've had, a breathtaking sunset is the perfect way for earth to say Good Evening... and then give you one.


  1. A Perfect way to end the day. The sky is looking gorgeous with the pretty colors. Happy skywatching!

  2. That is just too, too beautiful. I love your comment too---so nice. Mickie

  3. Wonderful and delicate colors of your sky! Great shots


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