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Texture & Pattern

There's never been a doubt that Mother Nature is an architect.  It's easy to see her expertise in structure and form on this planet. But sometimes you have to look a little bit closer to see her work as a designer.  I've found some excellent examples of her use of pattern and texture, that put the finishing touches on our world.

The last snowfall of January had melted, trapping the fallen leaves in a muddy mess on the path. A week later, the mud and leaves had fully dried, fused together into a textured forest floor.  With very little color, it certainly was a design destined for winter.  But there were discernible gray and reddish-brown tones. Even though it looks like the leaves could be easily peeled away, there was a thin sheet of dry mud across the top that held them all in place.  I walked across it twice before I noticed the interesting random design.  It reminded me of wallpaper or a custom concrete flooring.

Would you believe me if I said that this is the back of an alligator, as it crossed my path?  Probably not.  But the bark of a flowering dogwood tree does have a rather scaly appearance doesn't it?  I often marvel at the varying patterns of tree bark, and I'm sure I've gotten quite a few awkward stares from passers by.  Maybe you've seen me.  I'm the crazy lady who stands a little too close to trees, sometimes stroking their skin, and paying them well deserved compliments.  Yes, I guess you could say I am indeed a tree hugger.  Literally.    

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