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The Art of Stone

While walking across the dry lake bed, we came upon the evidence that we were not the first to trod on that soft sand.  We discovered primitive art, left behind by the native people.  It's hard to date these objects, but with my amateur education in anthropology, I'd say they were maybe... two days old!

This is the true definition of a "heart of stone".  It is surely evidence that someone in this area considered themselves to be "stone in love" to quote the old Journey song.  Clearly, the relationship symbolized here is solid and long lasting, for it is "written in stone".

I interpreted this piece as a monument to the World Trade Center in New York City.  Clearly visible are the twin towers, surrounded by mounds of stone.

 I call this one, simply, Man. 
Perhaps it is a self portrait of the one who laid these rocks.
Whoever he was, I think he had a dog.

Now, normally I wouldn't be interested in putting man made objects, other than gardens, on the blog.  But since these expressions were constructed out of not only natural materials, but objects that someone just found laying around on the ground as he walked on the lake bed.  I liked it. :)


  1. Very cool rock formations! anise

  2. your stone post made me smile.:p
    the self-portrait looks like the Fido Dido.:p

  3. lovely interesting..
    followed you, follow me back

    visiting from My World...
    mine's here:


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