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The Lakebed

Last summer, the county closed off certain parts of the hiking trail, while they made major reparations and renovations to the dam.  That particular side of the lake soon became an ugly construction zone, complete with orange netted fences and large mechanical equipement.  Water levels quickly went down, either because they purposefully drained the lake, or because they diverted the little tributaries that flowed into it.  Either way, over the course of nearly a year, the shoreline became wider and wider, until people began to wander off of the trail, and walk, instead, on the dry lake bed.  Yesterday, I joined them, and spent some time exploring the new land that was once, not so long ago, underwater.

 This was once a very marshy island at the far end of the lake. Water here was so shallow that the boats couldn't get too close, or they'd run get stuck in the mud.  It was safe haven for various birds to nest, or just catch a nap.

There is now over 100 feet of new beach around the lake.  It's not a sandy beach, but a soft spongy mud, just firm enough to walk on, though you can still feel it gently give under your feet.  The water would normally butt right up against the treeline.

I often see herons feeding in the mud, as I drive across the bridge.  But now I can stand where they stood, and leave my footprints next to theirs. 

The new shore is dotted with empty shells of the mussels that once were living on the lake bottom, until they were unexpectedly revealed, and the herons found them!

Hopefully this summer, the construction will be complete, and the water can rise to it's normal level.  When the lake has returned to her original glory, I'll rent a paddleboat and glide atop this area, and remember that I once stood here.


  1. that's really interesting..being able to walk on a lake gone dry.

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  3. un post interressant et quelle secheresse

    Publicity ;o) Every Friday (and the Weekend), The Challenge "Walk In The Street Photography"

  4. it's an archeological site and you have revealed a story.


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