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Treasured Moments

shuffle your feet for stingrays

There's a little barrier island on the west coast of Florida called Treasure Island.  It sits on the Gulf of Mexico, between the Tampa Bay and the Boca Ciega Bay, and it is truly a treasure.  Here, there are signs posted all along the beach to warn you that between the Autumn and Spring seasons, you have to shuffle your feet in the surf, so as not to step on, and surprise, the migrating stingrays.  I've never seen a stingray in person, outside of Sea World Orlando (and the one that actually drew blood on my finger, as I fed him!), but I was so thrilled just to know that they might be right there beside me, as I waded through the miniature waves of the gulf.  And don't ya know that I shuffled my feet. 
Oh, how I shuffled! 


  1. I think that I've been to Treasure Island a very long time ago. Now you've got me trying to remember. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  2. Funny, we were in Yanchep Lagoon this morning talking about this very thing!! Great shot.

  3. Such a great looking beach--I'm not sure I'd want to "tangle" with a stingray!!! Nice shot. Mickie :)

  4. wow! very nice place....:)
    Happy April Fool's! Hope you can visit my Skywatch Friday entry. Thanks!

  5. Very interesting! So you did the Stingray Shuffle...teach us the steps dearie!

  6. Wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing. I would love to go there someday. Shuffling forward...

  7. I have inadvertently stepped on one while wading in the water just off shore, no more than ten feet, of No Name Key. I certainly surprised it! It took off throwing me into the water with my heart beating double time!


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