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Twisted & Gnarly

They say that are no straight lines in nature.  Now, I don't always know who they are, but they do seem to be right.  But they didn't tell me just how twisted and gnarly nature can be. 

I was searching through the woods, looking for branches that were so hauntingly gnarled, they could've starred in an eery Hitchcock film.  I was looking up, where branches would be, but instead I found what I was searching for, on the ground.  Resembling spider legs, these roots looked as though they might take the tree for a walk at any moment.  I don't know about Hitchcock, but I think King or Shyamalan could definitely do something with them. 

It seems that, as he grew, this juvenile tree was constantly preoccupied with what was going on behind him.  What was that?  A squirrel... a bird?  Always turning himself around to get a better view.  I've seen so many like this over the years, and I could never figure out just what could've caused the interesting anomaly.  Until I spent some time just staring at this photo.  And now I think I've solved the mystery.  What likely happened, was that a vine had wrapped itself around the delicate trunk, in it's softer, baby stage.  The tree grew, and the vine dug in, constricting the wood.  The vine has since faded away, but has left it's mark, making it appear that the trunk is twisted.  Nature does it's own special effects!  Hitchcock would be proud.


  1. Very interesting, I think you are probably right, it did result in an unusual trunk.

  2. What wonderful gnarled roots.

  3. trees always tell a story, don't they. it is just sometimes hard to read.

  4. There are so many interesting things in nature when you see and not just look.


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