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Feelin Froggy

At the end of March, the lake was overflowing with frogs, or toads, I can't always tell which is which.  I only know that I had never seen so many gathered in one place at one time.  The sound of so many peepers was reminiscent of the rainforest, not that I've ever actually been in the rainforest.  But I think now I have a good idea of what it sounds like.  In the photo below, every tiny dot that you see in the water is a frog.

The Gathering

As we crossed over a small creek on the opposite side, that same familiar sound caught my attention, and I went in for a closer look.  That's when it all began to make sense.  It was mating season!

Froggy Hot Tub

It was a fabulous lesson for kids on the circle of life.  Here we actually witnessed the laying of the eggs, which seemed to come out in thin squiggly tubes.  One of my daughters keeps referring to it as spaghetti.


This guy was a little late to the party.  I found him swimming around on the other side of the creek.  Either that, or he was just happy to sit back and watch!


And this guy was just taking a break.



  1. Boom Chika Boom Chika WaWA

  2. Amazing, when we parents just take time to slow down and observe our surroundings we find teaching moments for our children. So many times I'm in a rush to get here or get there, that I forget it's the journey not the destination that matters most. Thanks for this reminder. What a beautiful experience!


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