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Let's Twist Again

Several weeks ago, I published a post called "Twisted & Gnarly".  On that post, there is a photograph of a young tree, who's trunk that had grown in true corkscrew fashion.  I see these little anomalies of nature often on my jaunts through the woods.  In fact I came across another one as recently as four days ago:

Another Twisted Tree

I used to think that the trees were actually turning themselves around as they grew, but in that previous post, I came up with another, more plausible, theory.  I believe that a vine had wrapped itself tightly around the trunk, causing an indent to form, as the girth of the trunk expanded over time.  Well, the proof is in the picture... as I discovered that very thing happening to another hapless sapling:

A Choke Hold

The vine shown here had died and broken off, as you can see at the top of the frame.  But the remnant of it remain tightly wrapped around the tree.  Most likely, as this tree expands, the dead foliage will be sluffed off, leaving, perhaps, only a slight reminder of it's presence on the trunk.


  1. How interesting! I don't think I've seen anything like that -- or didn't recognize it?? Terrific capture and thanks for the info as well! Always makes the pics even more interesting! Have a great week!


  2. Some of these scars of nature can be truly intriguing.

  3. very cool. i too keep my eyes peeled on gnarly branches and trunks. i find them fascinating.

  4. Very plausible explanation.
    Have you come across a similar (in some ways) phenomenon in plant growth, called fasciation? I did a post on it a while back, but don't want to leave a link here.


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