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Moth Motel

My front porch has come to be known as the Moth Motel.  They are attracted to the outdoor light that I choose to keep on throughout the night, for safety and protection.  The show up sometime before dawn, and they stay all day, disappearing sometime before dusk.  One morning, we counted fifteen different moths napping on and around the front door and nearby window.  I took a photo, for the purpose of showing you just how popular we've become with these insects, but I seem to have misplaced it.  However, I am now in the habit of photographing some of the more interesting patrons that frequent our establishment.  Usually, the moths I encounter are that same old boring grey or brown, not nearly as beautiful and varied as the butterflies, but since moving to North Carolina, I have changed my mind!

We had to be careful not to step on this black and white spotted moth, that I have dubbed the Leopard, as he perched on the metal strip of the front door threshhold.

I assumed the circus was in town when I saw this lovely pink and yellow beauty, that I call the Clown, napping on the wall space between the front door and the porch light.

I will continue to show off these wonderful visitors, as they drop by.

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