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The Bloomin' Zoo

I had promised more pictures from the North Carolina Zoo, but this time I want to remind you that there is more to see than the animals. There are native plants used for landscaping and decor, some are growing wild, and some are transplants to accentuate a certain exhibit. Did you ever think that you could go to the zoo for some beautiful garden photography?

The cattails on Cattail Trail in the Marshland have all gone to seed.

 A Lilly on the pond.

Berries on a bush.  There were a lot of bushes full of little berries.  Some were blue, but they weren't blueberries.  Just blue berries.

Some sort of daisy, in purple.

Cactus in bloom.

Pink and yellow, like my pretty little clown moth.

At almost three feet tall, these were growing in the bird aviary...

As was this.

Luscious orchids from the rain forest feature ...
where they keep the baboons!

The aviary was quite the place to be!
And you haven't even seen the birds yet!


  1. wow, my favs are #7 & #9! Thanks for posting more pictures! yay :)



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