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The Summertime Supermoon

In my opinion, that glorious glowing disk in the night sky is always pretty darned super, but once in a while we get an actual Supermoon.
It occurs when a full moon coincides with that sweet spot that brings it closest to the earth, in its orbit around us. Being so close and being so full, it gives us a most spectacular view.

These photos were taken from the vantage point of my own back yard by my son, who knew how to work the settings on my camera for such an event far better than I did!

This shot (above) was taken in the late evening, when the moon had risen above all of the neighborhood homes, and there was just enough light left in the sky to catch the trees in the foreground.

My Darling son had stayed out in the yard for hours, in the darkness, moving the tripod from one location to another and adjusting the camera settings, to get this perfect picture of the Supermoon in all of its spellbinding glory!


  1. Such a perfect shot for the moon !

    1. Thank you. I must give much credit to my son! He's a technical genius, and often goes out of his way to help his Mama! Also, major credit to the Universe, the earth and the moon, for aligning themselves just perfectly for us to enjoy these views!

  2. Oh wow..I only hope to get a moon shot like that..I am awful with it... Michelle


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