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Cicada Coming Out Of Its Shell

In my early childhood, the sound of the cicadas foretold the coming of the school season. Because of those memories, to this very day those sounds bring me a sense of melancholy... the summer is nearly over.

Well, now the heavy heated dog days of summer have set upon us, and the "rickety-chickety" chimes of the cicadas have begun to echo throughout the neighborhood, bringing me back to those childhood days.

I remember watching one that sat motionless on the porch for hours, and just when I reached out to touch it, because I was certain that it was dead, it suddenly sprang to life with it's "rickety-chickets" and flew off, leaving me startled and breathless. I often came face to face with the discarded shells while playing in and around the trees. That was just creepy, and would often incite a scream.

But I have never in my life seen one in the process of emerging from its shell. Not until last week, when I received such a blessing.

His body clung to the outside of my plastic portable greenhouse, and he was emerging upside down, but I flipped this photo so we could all see his face a little better.

He looked like a musclebound grasshopper, and yes, it was creeeeepy, but I'm so glad that I got to see such a thing in my lifetime and could take photos for others to see as well.


  1. This is something like in National Geographic. Great pics.

    1. It certainly was educational! Thank you.

  2. Wow! I have heard them many, many times but never seen one. How lucky were you to be able to witness such an event. So pleased you had a camera to hand so you could share the moment.

  3. Isn't it amazing? I was never so grateful to be so creeped out. LOL.

  4. Oh wow.... What a treat to see this... Yes, they aren't pretty, but sooooo cool looking... Michelle

  5. Fascinating! But, yes, a little creepy.

  6. very interesting, have a good weekend

    much love...

  7. You are really lucky! We have lots of cicadas too, but like you i still haven't seen one emerging. I just know they stay underground as pupa, but i also haven't seen them there.

  8. I, too, live where there are many cicadas but I have never seen one emerging! Very interesting photos. Thanks!


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